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Blackfoot High School Class of 1986!

Last update 3/19/2015

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Missing Contact Info Update
Anderson, Randy  
Appenay, Calvin  
Appenay, Zelda  
Ashburn, Angie  
Bishop, Deor  
Bodily, Dawnell  
Broncho, Denell  
Brower, Ben  
Brown, Trevor  
Callahan, James  
Cameron, Eric Have lead 3/17/15
Campbell, Bob  
Capson, Kelly  
Chavez, Robbie  
Deriemaeker, Richard  
DeRoche Burkman, Sherri Have lead 3/17/15
Dixey, Connie  
Edwards, Jenny  
Elison, Berrett Have lead 3/17/15
Galloway, Stephanie  
Gregory, Brenchley Lisa  
Gural Wardle, Andrea Have lead 3/17/15
Horrocks, Scott  
Ibañez, Isabel  
Jenkins, Teresa  
Jensen, Mike  
Jimmie, Miranda  
Jimmie, Paula  
King, David  
Luong, Cang  
Madrigal, Carmela  
Maestas, Stephanie  
Marshall, Teresa   
Martin, Araceli  
Mathie, Jeff  
Metz, Sterling  
Meyers, Trevor  
Maupin, Kelly  
Murdock, David  
Nelson, Kurt  
Oakes, Todd Have lead 3/17/15
Ohzawa, Hideo  
Payne, Troy  
Piller, Martha  
Racehorse, Amorette  
Reyes, Michael  
Rodriguez, Nick  
Russell, Julie-Anne  
Ruud, Suzy  
Scott, Rick Have lead 3/17/15
Snipe, Sandy  
Stecklein, Scott  
Stephenson, Dan  
Taylor Sorensen, Kimi Have lead 3/17/15
Taylor, Thomas  
Tenney, Joann  
Tissidimit, Raphael  
Torgerson, Delea  
Villanueva, Victor  
Wadsworth, Tom  
Wagoner, Travis  
Watson, Jason  
Whitney, Matthew  
Williams, Betty  
Williams, Charles  
Winterbottom, Lisa  
Wise, Ryan Have lead 3/17/15
Yokoyama, Gary  



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